It might be coming to a house or an Internet-service provider (ISP) near you.

A firm in Mexico is close to making thisa legit thing. The company, Telefónica, claims even when you are using your Internet and your wi-fi, most of the bandwidth is going to waste. Why not use it to help your Internet connection, and others?

The solution, named BeWifi, gathers bandwidth from Wi-Fi routers in a local area, and uses that to strengthen the speed of the Internet connection for whomever is actively online at that time.

How does it work?

Since 2008, Telefónica has been developing over-the-air software that aggregates the signals of a community’s routers. It blends the bandwidth from every router to supplement their usual wi-fi connection at home.

According to Telefónica’s Director of Product Innovation and Research Pablo Rodriguez, you’ll always get at least the bandwidth you paid for.

"Your broadband connection is not used 100 percent of the time," Rodriguez told Wired U.K. “If you bring (connections) together smartly and manage to aggregate the spare capacity … [it’s] a much better customer experience.”

I'm all for ways that make technology work more for us. Just wonder how the ISP's will feel about it.

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