Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, May 9th. It is tradition for many families to head to a local restaurant for brunch with Mom and the rest of the family. What is everyone's favorite brunch food here in Michigan? You might be surprised.

The website Zippia used the Google Trends search volume to find every states' favorite brunch food.

It looks like here in the Midwest meat is the winner. Throughout the United States, 21 states' selected some type of meat as their favorite brunch food. Sausage was the number one choice for 13 states, followed by eight states choosing bacon.

Other findings include that pancakes are enjoyed by people in five states. Four states like chicken and waffles -- while New Hampshire prefers waffles by themselves.

New York state is the only state that chose oatmeal as a favorite.

Oklahoma stood out as well, being the only state to choose the Breakfast taco!

And the people in five states must have been having a rough start to their day. The choose alcohol as their favorite brunch food. Montana went with a nice mimosa for mom. Idaho, Maine, Vermont, and Wisconsin went for the Bloody Mary.

Here in Michigan, apparently the Cinnamon Roll is our favorite, along with the people of Arkansas, Hawaii, and West Virginia, What?! Here in Michigan, with all the surrounding states choosing Sausage, Pancakes, and Bloody Mary's...we had to go with the Cinnamon Roll? I think I'm moving soon!

Favorite Brunch Foods

Regardless of your chose of brunch food this Mother's Day, remember Mom and all the great things she did for you. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!!


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