When I travel, I like to try foods that the area is known for. It is always fun to try something you've never had before. Some things I like, others...not so much. The Discoverer Blog recently put out their "The One Food to Try in Every State" list. Let's take a look at what they suggest...

Some of their suggestions are pretty predictable. Things like Key Lime Pie in Florida, Pecan Pie in Georgia, Deep Dish Pizza in Illinois, Ribs in Kansas, Beignets in Louisiana, Lobster Rolls in Maine, Clam Chowder in Massachusetts, Philly Cheesesteaks in Pennsylvania, and Fried Cheese Curds in Wisconsin.

Then there are things I haven't heard of, or would never associate to a certain state. Things like Salmon Candy in Alaska, Vinegar French Fries in Delaware, Toasted Ravioli in Missouri, Calf Fries in Oklahoma (these are actually deep fried bull, pig or sheep testicles), Funeral Potatoes in Utah, or Peanut Soup in Vermont.

But what is the "Must Try" Food that the Discoverer Blog has picked for Michigan? You probably guessed it...The Pasty!

The blog describes it this way:

Pasties are more commonly associated with the English mining region of Cornwall. So when Cornish copper miners came to seek their fortunes in Michigan it was only normal that they’d introduce their meat and vegetable pies. The classic Michigan pasty follows tradition by being stuffed with beef, carrots, onions, potatoes and rutabaga and is readily available in the Upper Peninsula.

If you don't feel like making a 3 hour drive to the U.P., you can get great pasties closer to Grand Rapids at Viki's Bridge Street Pasty Shop located at 77 N Bridge Street in Saranac. Read more about Viki's here.

And on a side note, the creators of the "spell check" on my computer must certainly not be from Michigan. The spell check kept wanting to change the word "pasty" to "pastry" -- two completely different foods!!


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