Someone posted a list of the one BIG thing each state has that's bigger than any other state. (According to the Guinness Book of World Records)

For example, Illinois has the biggest rocking chair . . . New York has the largest butter sculpture . . . and Ohio has the largest collection of Troll dolls.

So what is Michigan's biggest thing? I'll bet you never heard of it before.

(Drum roll) The biggest thing in Michigan that no other state has is....A Snow White memorabilia collection!


I'm calling BS on this because when you Google 'Largest Snow White Memorabilia Collection', nothing about Michigan shows up. Add the word 'Michigan' and still nothing.

Even if you Google 'Guinness Book of World Records Worlds Largest Snow White Memorabilia Collection'. Nada. 

They sit on a Throne of Lies!!!!

So where is it? Do you have it at your house? Why is it hidden? Is the person somewhere in Michigan who owns all those dwarves and princesses and mirrors and wicked stepmothers ashamed of it?

I don't blame them.

Michigan does have a healthy list of the world's largest things, like the largest front porch, the largest tire and the world's largest cherry pie pan, so why the weirdness?

I feel gypped.

The lesson I learned is a good one: don't go down internet click bait rabbit holes.





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