So the website Deadspin posted a story about the most delicious cereals, ranked in order. Their number one cereal was "Milk and Honey Original Café Mix" followed by
Cheerios and then Grape-Nuts. What? WHAT?

I'm sorry, being from Michigan (The cereal capital of the World) I think I have a say in what should be at the top of the list. Grape Nuts? Are you kidding? My Dad broke a tooth on Grape Nuts cereal once. Cheerios? Ok, I guess. How about Frosted Flakes? Cocoa Pebbles? Lucky Charms?

Those three finished 21st, 27th, and 41st, respectively. The guy who made this list is high.

What do you think? Whats the best cereal ever? Leave a message here or on the Facebook page HERE!

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