It's March 14th ... aka 3.14 ... or pi day. It's a day my math teaching friend loves to celebrate by eating pie. Now when I think of pie I think apple, blueberry, or maybe lemon cream.

Matt? He thinks pizza pie. Who is right? You decide.

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I get it, calling (your favorite pizza restaurant) and ordering a pizza is a quick and easy way to celebrate this, dare I say it, non holiday. But you could just as easily run to (your favorite super market) and grab a pie.

Unless you are one of those folks who do both. In which case I beg your pardon.

If you don't want any kind of pie pizza or dessert ... well, you need to live a little.

If you're on a diet make one of those cauliflower crust pizzas that I hear are healthy and taste like ... cauliflower with spaghetti sauce --- I assume?