A concert featuring the music from the classic animated Christmas show, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' seems like the last place someone would yell out a racial slur, but here we are.

Someone Didn't Hear Linus' Speech About What Christmas Is All About

Whatever happened to 'Peace On Earth and Goodwill To Men'? Isn't that what Linus said Christmas was all about to Charlie Brown?

Did someone not hear Linus' impassioned speech at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas about the meaning of Christmas?

Did someone not understand it?

Apparently not, because during a performance of the great music from that special, an audience member yelled out a racial slur Friday night at Orchestra Hall in Detroit.

Maybe he or she needs to watch this:

The Slur Was Yelled Out During A Detroit Symphony Orchestra Performance Friday

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) has announced they will institute a lifetime ban on who ever yelled out a racial slur during their performance of Vince Guaraldi's classic music from the 1965 animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The show featured the piano playing of Baltimore-based composer and performer Cyrus Chestnut.

According to the Detroit Metro Times, the slur was yelled out near the end of Friday's show.

In a statement released to social media Saturday, the DSO apologized to anyone who may have heard the slur, and say they will ban whoever it was for LIFE.

“The DSO is deeply disappointed by an incident that took place towards the end of Friday night’s concert when an audience member shouted a racial slur. Racism and bigotry have no place in Orchestra Hall, and behavior like this is unacceptable. We are currently investigating and will enact a permanent ban once we identify the ticketholder.”

According to the Detroit News:

Alan Stamm... a former editor at The Detroit News, said in a post on the DSO's Facebook page: "I was in Row F on the main floor and clearly, sadly, heard the hater shout: 'F*** those (racial epithet).' It happened."

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