One of my favorite pastimes is to Google stuff I don’t know. Usually it’s history stuff, or how to steam an egg rather than boil it or something like that.  In this information age, I’m not alone with using Google to find answers to life’s most challenging questions.

Have you ever wondered though what question people in Michigan google more than any other state? Estately recently had that same question and figured out what searches each state Googled more often than the other states. They looked at searches done by each state over the last 5 years.

I’ll tell you Michiganders "Google" most in a minute, but first I’ll tell you we weren’t as smart as say, California that googles the question "HOW TO SPOT A NARCISSIST" more than any other state. Oregon is looking for “How to hack wifi?” Or Like DC and Massachusetts where they ask “How to negotiate salary?” more than the other states.

We’re also not at the bottom of the question list like Mississippi that asks “How to twerk?” quite a bit. There’s also Oklahoma who seems to frequently ask the question “How to eat fried worms?”.

Nope, we’re in the middle of the two sides… our question that we ask Google more than the other 49 states is “How to quit drinking?” Seriously, that’s the question we search the most, followed by “How to be a better person?” “How to make beer?”  “How to make a bong?” “How to get unemployment?” and “How to make Jello?” In fairness, the last question is on the line of Mississippi’s questions; at least ask how to make Jello shots!

All in all, our Google questions aren’t all that bad… I mean, Indiana actually Googles “How to Google something?” enough for it to show up as one of their results. There’s also a lot of “How to fish?” being asked in Alaska, where I’m pretty sure that’s all they do.

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