Believe it or not, 27 states have an official beverage listed on their state's web site. Michigan doesn't. What should ours be?

According to this Wikipedia list, 27 states have declared an 'official beverage' for their state. For instance, in Ohio, it's tomato juice (WTF, Ohio?), while across the lake in Wisconsin it's milk (duh!), but Michigan lists no official beverage.

This is bothering me. What would be Michigan's official beverage if we indeed had one?

Like the lady in the following Conde Nast video, the knee jerk reaction is just to yell 'FAYGO RED POP!', but what about us who prefer Rock N Rye? Screw your red pop, we say.

And I heard all that commotion from those of you shouting 'VERNOR'S!!!' But isn't Vernor's medicine? I know it cured everything I had when I was a kid. At least my Mom thought so.

And with a craft brewery now located on every corner of Grand Rapids, 'BEER!" would be an acceptable answer, at least for my Dad, but which beer?

It's perplexing isn't it? What IS Michigan's official beverage?




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