What do Super Bowl cheerleader do in their spare time? They are in the U.S. Air Force!

Alicia Quaco not only cheers on her hopeful Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, but she serves her country in the most honorable way. She is in the Air Force as a first lieutenant! Way to go Alicia!

"Quaco, 25, is a first lieutenant in the Air Force. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, she had some work to do to convince her superiors that part-timing as a Sea Gal was a good use of her time.

“I told them it’s good for recruitment. It shows that the Air Force is well-rounded, that we can do other things, too. It’s great for women recruits to know that,” Quaco told The New York Post. “Ultimately, they ended up agreeing.”

She can defend my country anytime! Way to go AF!

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