I have always had a nickname. Early in school i was called "Waddles". as in " Weebles waddle but they dont fall down" I was a bigger kid in Middle school (I know hard to believe ;) ) Then when I started to work at Putt Putt in Kalamazoo, I was "Gopher". I would "Go for" this and "Go for" That. Cute, right?

So then when I got into radio, I was Craig Russell "The Love Muscle"...I have a big heart, come on...;) Then When I started working up North, A former radio station owner christened me "The Afternoon Hustle" And the legend was born. Over the years I have been "The Hustle", " The Morning Hustle", "Carl" (Dont ask why) and one of my favs...

"The Hustle Duck" Another one I'm not sure why, but it kinda stuck. So when I saw this GIANT picture of this duck, it made me think of Hustle Duck.


Gotta Go..pher...:)