A transformer on the West Side blew Monday morning, sending hundreds to a powerless breakfast.

The Transformer Blew Out At Around 6:00 This Morning

The power transformer at Front Street and Butterworth, near Wealthy blew out early today, sending sparks flying and setting off a green flash visible on US 131, startling morning commuters.

The transformer blow out knocked out power to several west side businesses, including the Downtown YMCA, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and the GVSU Pew Campus along the river.

While the Public Museum was forced to shutdown for the day, the Downtown David Hunting YMCA reported they were back up and running by 12 noon.

The green and blueish flash given off by the exploding box left many wondering just what the hell happened.

Folks took to social media to ask what it was they saw on their way into work, and explain it to others, with conflicting results, as usual:

A transformer blew off front and butterworth.. it was wild watching the sparks fly into the river!


At least one transformer blew near GVSU’s Pew Campus just after 6am.


Could've been a transformer exploding, or aliens. I say aliens


Probably COVID mixing with 5G signals. Get your tinfoil hat on ASAP.


Sorry, I was having some trouble landing my TARDIS.

What caused the explosion is anyone's guess, but I'm pretty sure the high winds this weekend and the over 14 inches of lake effect snow that fell didn't help matters any.

I'm just glad the power is back up and running before the polar vortex arrives this weekend.

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