It's nearly 70 feet tall and has the voice of over 240 angels. (Okay, maybe not angels, but school kids)

The Singing Christmas Tree Is A Tradition At Mona Shores High School In Muskegon

The sixty-seven foot "tree" is constructed every year at the Frauenthal Center in downtown Muskegon as the Mona Shores Sailors choral group performs their annual Christmas show while perched from all sides of the structure.

This year's performance, which takes place annually around late November and early December, was the 37th annual. Since its inception back in 1985, over 3000 singers have performed in the Singing Christmas Tree, and every year about 10,000 attend the four days of performances, which sell out almost every year.

It was the brainchild of David Anderson with the cooperation of Skip Frizzell, the choir director of Mona Shores at the time. Dave narrated the tree up until 7 years ago, about the time the lights were upgraded to LED.

And it doesn't just play at the Frauenthal, the group takes the tree on the road every year and have been to far off places like Brazil and Greece as well as throughout the United States.

The performances are then replayed on local television between Christmas and New Year's.

While there are several other Singing Christmas Trees around the world, Muskegon's claims to be the tallest of them at 67 feet. It also features over 25,000 colored lights and over 5000 feet of Holiday greenery.

The Singing Tree even has its own Facebook page.

The Angel On Top Honors Goes To A Stellar Senior Every Year

A senior chorus member who "models the ideal choir kid", according to chorus director Sean Lawton, gets to be the tree topper each year.

And so, without further adieu, let's enjoy  performance of the Singing Christmas Tree...

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