When I saw this promo on FOX Sports for Saturday's Michigan-Michigan State showdown, I chuckled out loud. It's dead on. Now go punch your brother.

I know you're good friends with your brothers now that you're all adults, but when you were kids there was nothing more fierce than sibling rivalry. That's why I fell in love with this FOX Sports hype video for Saturday's game.

But before you watch it, this quick aside from me:

As far as in state rivalries go, my alma mater, Central Michigan has the greatest percentage of its players that actually come from Michigan: 73%. Both State and Michigan are below 50%. So is this REALLY an in-state grudge match? Maybe Western-Central (also Saturday 3:00pm, ESPN3) is the REAL sibling rivalry.

At this point I'll just add, "Let's have a fair fight and may both sides come out swinging."

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