Now that the weather’s getting warmer, most of us are probably breaking out our flip flops with dreams of not putting socks on for another three to four months. But let’s face it, as much as we may love them, flip flops aren’t exactly appropriate everywhere. And they’re also not that great for our feet.

So when should you leave those flip flops at home. Well, here are a few scenarios where you may want to reconsider your footwear:

  • Driving – You probably don’t think about it, but flip flops can be a big hazard behind the wheel. They can slip off your feet easily, and possibly get caught under a break or gas pedal.
  • Doing Yard Work – Equipment like lawn mowers and such can be very dangerous, and could result in injuries or worse, loss of toes. I mean, didn’t anyone see “Mad Men?”
  • Cooking – Dangerous things can fall on your feet while cooking so having so much skin exposed isn’t smart. Seriously, you drop one knife and you’ll live to regret it. And let’s not forget things like boiling water or say bacon grease.
  • Pubic Transportation – Once things get crowded, your feet are bound to be stepped on a few times, so face it, flip flops are leaving you open for pain and injury.
  • Long Periods of Standing – Sure waiting in line at the DMV in flip flops may seem innocent enough, but in the long run you are probably ruining your feet. Flip flops are just too flat and over time can cause problems like plantar fasciitis, fallen arches or bone spurs.

There are rules to wearing flip flops, in case you didn't know them, and apparently flip flops are better than Crocs, which is insane, seeing how Crocs will at least hide your ugly toes.

My standard policy is to avoid flip flops at all costs. Unless you're ON the damn beach in Grand Haven.

Do you wear flip flops all summer? Have you ever considered the dangers before?

Where is the most inappropriate place you’ve seen someone wearing flip flops?

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a country song about flip flops, what's that? There is? Really?


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