Tonight is the premiere of the 12th season of American Idol. Clarkston, Pickler, Cook, Bice, Underwood, Sparks, Bowersox, these are all household names thanks to the most popular TV show in the US. And there are some names that are a little less famous, but none the less, still known due to Idol.

One is William Hung. Remember "She Bangs"? That was Hung's claim to fame. Few remember he actually released a CD and sold 200,000 copies! He isn't performing music as a career, but now works with the law. Hung is a technical crime analyst with the LA County Sheriffs Department. Wow, who knew?

Here's a Yahoo story with more Idol wannabe's back tales, including the "Pants On The Ground" guy...what's was his name? ;)
Catching Up With ‘American Idol’s’ Most Memorable Castoffs