We constantly hear about how online shopping is making things simpler for everyone, and how shopping local is almost passe.

For those uber shoppers -- young women -- that is definitely not so.

How do I know this? Well, I only need to ask the experts at Teen Vogue.

The magazine/website is focused on that next generation of shoppers. And it says ...

"The big headline over Black Friday weekend was about record e-commerce sales," said Jason Wagenheim, the publisher and vice president for Teen Vogue. "But for the millennial shopper -- especially the 16- to 26-year-old segment -- the mall remains the most important part of the overall omni-channel shopping story.

"While she's definitely shopping more online and through mobile than in years prior, the brick-and-mortar experience still greatly matters."

Their No. 1 reason is for shopping in stores is the experience. The vast majority map out where they want to go, then stop elsewhere spontaneously versus doing online research and then visiting stores.

And Teen Vogue's recent survey of young women also said (channel your inner "Family Feud" host):

  • 65 percent are doing do the majority of their Christmas shopping in store versus online (35 percent).
  • 78 percent shopped during the extended Thanksgiving weekend, mostly to take advantage of deals (82 percent) and with the majority going to stores on Black Friday.

They say they would rather go to a mall to shop because they like to see products in person (75 percent), hang out with friends (44 percent) and bond with their mothers (37 percent). There was no word about dads in the information I saw.

Also, they enjoy the mall experience because of the holly, jolly Christmas decorations and displays (75 percent), the Christmas music (53 percent) and getting festive shopping bags (46 percent).

They create their holiday wish lists through online browsing (87 percent), reading magazines (65 percent) and just walking through malls (61 percent).

And, by the way, on average they figure to spend $287 on five friends and family that they are buying for -- along with themselves, of course.

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