So, you might ask: Where was Craig Russell last week?

He was in the hospital, that's where!

He, or I, had an infected foot with a diabetic foot ulcer.

So, I entered the ER Tuesday, and was immediately admitted. After four days of antibiotics and surgery, things are looking up! But, on a serious note, this was my wake-up call.

I have been a diabetic for 12 years. And I took my disease seriously about a total of four weeks.

"Nothing has happened to me, why can't I drink a two-liter of Mountain Dew?" I had said.

I always used to joke about that fact. I was invincible. Nothing could happen to me.

Then Tuesday happened. I was laying on the ER table thinking I could lose my foot.

It's a real possibility with diabetes. Nerve damage can ravage your foot.

A man was admitted on Friday in the room next to me who was losing two toes and his foot was black. That could have been me.

So, now for the next six weeks, I will be scooting around because I have to stay off my healing foot.

And now it's day six of the rest of my life. I have many things I need to be around for: People to annoy, teams to watch win championships, kids to watch grow and so on.

So, now I have a choice: Keep ignoring my health, drinking regular pop, not watching my sugar level, losing limbs and maybe dying; or living. I'm choosing living.

After being off regular pop for six days, Pepsi Max actually is tasting good. And my sugar level was 94 before dinner today. For those who don't know, that's very good.

I believe everyone's life has a turning point. And mine happened last week.

Not to sound overly dramatic but this could have been the beginning of the end for me. Man dealing with his own mortality is one tricky subject. But I know this much: While I'm going to die some day, I'm not dying in the fourth inning.

My new ride. Whoo-hoo!