As Halloween creeps closer and closer, the list of the top Haunted Attractions in the country is out and one Michigan haunt has made the top ten.

Erebus, downtown Pontiac's Tower of Terror snuck in at number 10 on the list of 13 (of course!) top haunted attractions in the country, put together by Amber Arnett-Bequeith, who is known as the Queen of Haunts.

Erebus is a long time Hallowwen haunt, now in its 19th year of scaring Detroit area fans. It's 'backstory' is given on the Erebus web site:

Dr. Colber, a mad scientist obsessed with time travel actually figured out how to make it work! But in doing this, every time he got one of his subjects into another time period, that time period itself looked at them as a virus and wiped them out! Obsessed with trying to make this work, he sent more and more of his employees into the time machine until he ran out of time, money, and subjects… Which brought him to a brilliant idea! Disguise his time machine as a haunted house! Now, he has end endless supply of human guinea pigs to use in his experiment, and better yet… they unknowingly fund the program.


Can you and your group of friends endure over a half-mile indoor walk through one of the world's largest haunted attractions?

Arnett-Bequeith has worked in the haunted attraction industry for over 45 years, starting as a five year old at Kansas City's Edge of Hell, which is owned by her family and is (surprise!) number one on the list.

While she admits she is hard to scare and knows the inside "tricks of the trade," she favors the haunts where the scares are invented but the fun is for real – best described as "terror-ific".

The top 13 TERRORific haunted attractions for heart-pounding, hair-raising fun.

  1. Edge of HellKansas City – perhaps close to her beating heart, but this granddaddy of haunts creates a mind-blowing scary experience from heaven to hell and the world's largest serpent is undeniably first-class in fright!
  2. Cutting EdgeDallas – marches onto the list with the acclaimed zombie drum line and scares that go above and beyond – on the edge of darkness.
  3. Bates Motel and Haunted HayridePhiladelphia – take it from a seasoned haunt expert, a Bates Motel and haunted hayride will leave you scared out of your wits.
  4. BeastKansas City – this time travel to the medieval times where an eye for an eye can be vicious and reflects the monster of men and a sensory-experience that includes jumping out a second-story window.
  5. NETHERWORLDAtlanta – this sprawling one-story haunt has something for everyone to leave you scared to the bone.
  6. Headless HorsemanNew York – a legendary haunt that sits among the hills outside New York where the beheaded horseman made that fateful ride and scares the dickens out of those who venture. The presence of horses ramps the scare beyond horse speed.
  7. Macabre CinemaKansas City – the haunt for everyone who loves horror movies but wants to be part of the action – it even includes some real horror movie sets. You won't have time for popcorn in this adrenaline-fueled attraction.
  8. Spooky WoodsGreensboro/Highpoint – thrill-seekers are in for a new kind of scare on the Sudden Death Express train ride – giving new meaning to going off the rails!
  9. Dent SchoolhouseCincinnati – mix a horror back-story of an old schoolhouse with extraordinary haunt technology and you'll swear the spirits are present and inflicting terror.
  10. ErebusPontiac, MI – a time machine that is disguised as a haunted house to make all the visitors actual guinea pig subjects – leaves them trembling with the prospect this research project is scary.
  11. Haunted HotelSan Diego – relocated to a bigger space opens the door to even more scares. The crowds are sure to be breathless inside a hotel that leads to mayhem and macabre.
  12. 13th FloorChicago – the superstitious naturally know to take heed going to the 13th floor - most buildings hide the floor from access. The adventure into Chicago's 13th floor will make everyone a believer in this dark reality.
  13. 13th GateBaton Rouge – Wrapped in history and the eeriness of the dead above ground in mausoleums makes it all the more believable that the nightmare inside these gates will raise the hairs on your neck.



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