I saw this on the crawl of Good Morning America, and thought easy it would be New York or New Jersey. Maybe it's just the stereotype I have of those states. Rough, gruff, bombastic people with few manners and just willing to blurt out whatever. Nope. New Jersey is in the Top 5, but the state that lets the foul language fly the most?

O-hi-o! Our neighbors to the south are the most likely to swear, according to this story "Which State Curses The Most? Check This Map"

"Advertising firm Marchex ran the data and figured out which states curse the most, which curse the least, and which are the most polite." They surveyed customer service call centers and took the data from when people were on hold. Which means MY DEEPEST FEARS ARE TRUE--when you are on with a company and you are on "hold" they are really listening to you!

Michigan is the middle of the pack. Yes we swear, but not as much as those Buckeyes!