It's two days before Thanksgiving, and I'm talking baseball. How does THAT work out? The Whitecaps have introduced a new hat the team will wear on the road for the 2013 season. With a new logo. It's an homage to the Old English "D" the Tigers wear, and have worn, for over 110 years.

An article on MLive today "What do you think of the Whitecaps new caps? introduces the new road logo caps and a new retail only cap which also weaves the parent Tiger logo with the Caps. That's smart marketing. The Tigers couldn't be hotter now, and the Caps have been the Class "A" minor league team of the Tigs for 17 years now.

The Whitecaps are one of the best in all of sports in marketing themselves and keeping the off field product smart and fresh. Have they hit a home run here?

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