I frequent both places. Walmart more for food and household items. Dollar Tree for cleaning and what I call "temporary" items. Things for my kids that they will break easily.

Sorry, kiddos. Not spending 25 bucks on a pair of earbuds you will break in 4 days. But I digress. Walmart has some low prices, but are they lower than the dollar store? To be fair for this comparison, it was a "Dollar Tree" that was compared. Even though "Dollar General" and "Family Dollar" have the word "dollar" in their name, they sell many items that are more than a dollar. NOT a true dollar store.

The story and video in the story show that plenty of items are cheaper at Walmart. While Walmart has quite a few bargains, for sheer volume, you cant beat the dollar store. Take a twenty in, and walk out with 18 items. Can't always do that at Walmart.


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