There could only be two options: either someone was under the influence or it was a group of people... who probably were under the influence LOL. But seriously?! who's the person that managed to spend $150 on McDonalds?!

FOX 17 reports that someone made the order using McDelivery, which is available on the UberEats app. There are 51 participating McDonald's in Grand Rapids and the highest amount order was $148. Also, the most popular food to be delivered in the city is the McChicken. The McDouble and the 10-piece nuggets are also a favorite. What?! No fries? No chocolate shake?!

While $148 is a crap ton for fast food, that's not even the highest amount spent in the state. According to McDonalds, the highest someone in Michigan spent on their delivery is $179. Yup, definitely not sober.

If you haven't tried out the McDelivery yet, now may be a good time because through April 8th they are giving away a couch! But not just any couch. This one comes with all the bells and whistles including chillers for your McFlurry, built-in phone charger, light up cup holders, fabric cleaner and a blanket. Get all the info here.

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