Due to the deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) outbreak, protecting yourself and your family from mosquitoes has never been more important.

See a list of every company in Michigan that is licensed to spray for and control mosquitoes.

Multiple cases of EEE have been reported around the country with southwest Michigan getting hit the hardest.

Residents of Barry, Berrien, Cass, Genesee, Kalamazoo, Lapeer, St. Joseph and Van Buren counties have all been advised by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to "avoid outdoor activities at dusk" due to the risk of infection.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has compiled a list of every business licensed to control mosquitoes in Michigan. They say certified applicators know the different species of mosquitoes, which pesticides are the most effective, and when and how to use pesticides safely. Licensed companies are also required to have proof of insurance and have to meet certain experience requirements.

There are 35 licensed companies in Kent County.

MDARD says licensed applicators are also required to share the following information:

  • The name of the applicator that performed the service.
  • The time and date the application was made.
  • A description of the target pest to be controlled.
  • A list of pesticides that were applied, including the common name of the active ingredient(s).
  • A list of precautionary warnings or reentry restrictions that may appear on the label of the pesticide that was applied.
  • Specific information about the risks and benefits of pesticides.
  • When requested, businesses must provide labels and/or safety data sheets of the pesticides that were applied.

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