I remember when I had just gotten out of college and into a successful, rewarding career in broadcasting, my early 1990s guilty pleasure was TGIF on ABC.

The family-friendly block of sitcoms like "Boy Meets World" and "Family Matters." And the whole night was anchored by the biggest hit, "Full House."

Now, if memory serves me right, "Full House" was a light family comedy with straight-laced Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), heartthrob Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) and silly Uncle Joey (Michigan native and Alanis Morisette song inspiration Dave Coulier).

Throw in the three adorable girls with blonde hair and lots of problems and there's plenty of family fun and lessons to be learned.

Breezy comedy, right? WRONG.

Sure, 'Full House' was a cheesy feel-good sitcom about a nontraditional family, but video editor BenjaminApple has been showing us the darker side in his series "Sad Full House." Combining the cozy nostalgia of the 90s with his blunt, out-of-context absuridty, these clips have been taking off on the Internet this week.

Step 1) Find a dramatic scene from 'Full House.'
Step 2) Cut. It. Out.
Step 3) An entertaining video? You got it, dude."

You will never look at Mary Kate and Ashley the same way again.

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