Don't get me wrong. I love the dollar store. I'm sorry, but a place where you can get 32 things for 32 dollars and tax. Perfect. I love the dollar store, and while I confess I have 2 things on this list, I didnt realize the other items can be bought for a dollar.

I have the headphones and the remote, and I have thought about getting the book light, but I just havent.

"Maplock GPS Anti-Theft Device
If you have a standalone GPS navigation device, you know it can be a pain to put it away every time you step out of your vehicle. If you don’t, though, it might give a criminal some extra incentive to break in. Instead of spending up to $30 elsewhere, you can pick up the Maplock, which clamps onto your GPS, locks it down and tethers it to your steering wheel via a security cable. Be sure to buy the correct Maplock to fit your GPS device, such as a Garmin or TomTom model."

GPS for a buck? Sign me up!


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