Ok...as I'm sure you know, Charlie Sheen was fired from 2 and a Half Men. I was gone for a couple of days, so I'm catching up.

The next big Hollywood question surrounding Mr. Sheen besides his next UStream Rant (See it HERE) is "Who will replace Charlie Sheen on 2 and a Half Men?" The newest round includes "Uncle Jessie" John Stamos, Rob Lowe, Jerry O'Connell (Who reportedly auditioned already, AND is married to Stamos' ex Rebecca Romaijn O'Connell...wonder how THAT looks on a check?) Christan Slater, or Matt "Joey Tribbiani" LeBlanc.

Personally, The best suggestion I have heard was "Showkiller" Ted McGinley. the guy who single-handedly killed off Happy Days, The Love Boat and Married...With Children. He even has an entire section dedicated to him at jumptheshark.com

Also, what will they do? Have one of these schmuks become Charlie Harper, or will he be a "long lost brother/uncle/son" who will BECOME the Charlie Harper character (or in Sheen's case, "charachture")

Let's explore some TV history of a show that did just that, replaced a main character half way through the show's run and never mentioned it once, like nothing had ever happened. That show was "Bewitched".

Relatively popular show from the 60's...starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York. York was Darrin, the husband from 1965 to 1969, when he had to quit due to health issues (on a side note, York lived his final years in Cannon Township, and ended up dying in what was Blodgett Hospital in East Grand Rapids in 1992)

So, when the producers replaced York in 1969, they picked veteran actor Dick Sargent. Sargent had been on shows like Broadside and The Tammy Grimes Show. His given name was Cox...he later said on The Merv Griffin Show why he didn't use that name as his stage name "No one would have taken Dick Cox seriously"..too true...

Sargent replacing York has been a part of popular culture for years...TV shows like Family Guy and Roseanne have had fun with the topic...Roseanne going as far as to do the exact same cast change, but lampoon it instead of ignore it...From Wikipedia...

"In the episode, "Homecoming," daughter Becky, recast with a new actress, jokingly references the switch twice. Becky returns home after moving away and Roseanne comments that it's been so long, she barely recognizes her. During the epilogue, the Connors are watching Bewitched on television and discuss the two actors playing Darrin. Becky muses, "well, I like the second Darrin much better"."

In a nut shell, replacing a character without any acknowledgment is probably not the best idea...but in this case, maybe just ending the show would be best...too bad for Jon Cryer...and that stupid kid...whatever his name is...no one cares anymore about him.

OR they could Kill off Charlie...don't kid yourself, Chuck Lorre, the Producer (and a former Roseanne writer...Show Biz is a REALLY small world) would LOVE that....