Well, I WILL be...but maybe you wont. Maybe you will be having a hamburger, or a tofu dog. Or a steak. Or a chicken kabob. There's a really good chance unless you have kids or are going to a baseball game, you might not have a hot dog all weekend long.

And thats a shame. Hot dogs are cheap, tasty food. But according to a story from Yahoo "Why Americans Are Eating Fewer Hot Dogs" thats not the way it looks for the venerable American curved sausage.

"Josh Ozersky, a food journalist and historian, predicts the hot dog will become increasingly marginalized as the U.S. palate broadens. “I would be willing to bet that more Americans, and especially younger Americans, now eat nachos or tacos than hot dogs,” he says. But what about the many outlets that serve nachos on hot dogs? “That’s just proof of the desperate state of the hot dog!” he says. “That’s like a middle-aged actress who gets Botox and breast implants to try to stay relevant.”

One brand has bucked the downward trend: Nathan’s Famous (NATH), whose sales are up 17 percent from last year. “Naturally, I think it’s because we have the best hot dog,” says President Wayne Norbitz. “In tough times, if people are going to eat fewer hot dogs, they often choose a premium product. They choose to indulge.” Nathan’s also gets a promotional boost from its annual July 4 hot-dog-eating contest at Coney Island."

It IS 4th of July week. And I know I cant watch that hot dog eating contest with out having a couple of dogs with mustard and relish. HAS to be dill relish though. Im kinda picky on that.