How far are you willing to drive to try a chicken sandwich? Let me rephrase that, how far are you willing to drive to try a chicken sandwich from a gas station? I'm betting not very far. Well, you might change your mind after you hear what people are saying about a chicken sandwich that's being served at a gas station in Monroe.

Technically it's a restaurant but it's located inside a gas station in Monroe. It's called Eureka Eatery and apparently, they have chicken sandwiches to die for. People are driving from all over to try these sandwiches that are offered in seven levels of heat.

From what I've read on social media, people are skipping the gas pumps and going straight for the chicken. I haven't seen a single negative comment about their food.

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The Nashville hot chicken has 7 different spice levels - country, mild, medium, hot, burning, cluckin, and inferno.

Eureka Eatery Facebook

They have 3 different sandwich options, including their famous Nashville Hot Chicken Sammie, and a selection of tenders and nuggets. They also have a Nashville Hot Chicken Mac Bowl, and waffle fries.

Eureka Eatery Facebook

I don't know about you, but I'd be willing to drive to Monroe try one of these suckers. You can't tell me their food doesn't look amazing.

I'm not telling you about these sandwiches because I'm getting paid to....because I'm not. I'm telling you because I keep seeing people talking about them on social media and they look freaking delicious.

Eureka Eatery is located at 3080 N Monroe Street in Monroe.

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