They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". If that's true, then I'm very flattered!, the internet and digital arm of the Grand Rapids Press and Booth Newspapers here in Michigan, must either be running out of things to write about, or I have my finger on the pulse of West Michigan better than I realized. The last week they have copied 2 of my WFGR website poll questions almost word for word!

Let's go back in time, as Huey Lewis and Pitbull have told us we need to do in song. Over the weekend, I wrote about a Texas Highway that might be raising the speed limit to 85. In the story, "85 On 131? State Highways Are Looking To Up The Speed Limit." I asked

"Would going 85 on ANY highway in Michigan be a good idea now? Especially with the recent motorcycle helmet law. Tell us what you think on Facebook."

The very next day, THIS story and a whole lot of comments appeared in the Press. "Should Michigan up its 70 mph freeway speed limit? Expert's answer might surprise you

I thought, maybe it's just a coincidence. It's a hot button topic. The speed limit and all. Then I wrote another post, which cited a Press story in it. It's about the roadside memorials along I-196 in Zeeland the Linares family have for their daughter they are being forced to take down, since they are too close to the highway. My post "Families In Zeeland Have To Remove Roadside Memorial [POLL]" asks a poll question.

"Should Roadside Memorials Be Allowed On Michigan Roads?"

I guess that's nice, the people at the Press and are reading my posts. Maybe I should do a post about newspapers dying off. Wonder if they will copy THAT?