Yes, it's true. America's favorite Teen Mom Bristol Palin is packing up her and Tripp and movin' to Beverly...Hills that is...Swimmin' Pools...Movie Stars...

OK now I have 2 questions. 1...Who cares? And 2...Why is the Biography Channel doing a reality show based on Bristol Palin's life? It's the BIOGRAPHY Channel. Shouldn't they be producing BIOGRAPHIES?

That's a big pet peeve of mine. TV Networks that stray from what they say they are. How do you justify showing "Star Trek-The Next Generation" or "Superman 2" on BBC America. BRITISH Broadcasting. Other than they FILMED Superman 2 in Britian, there's really nothing British about Gene Hackman or the late Christopher Reeves.

"Flight of the Penguins" on the Weather Channel. Jack Black movies on The Cartoon Network. Have to be honest, there's nothing really educational about Kate Gosslin and her 82 kids on The LEARNING Channel.

So really? Bristol Palin on Bio. OK...followed by Mom and her Alaska travel show. Starting in time for sweeps...November 2012.