I know I am way late to the party, but why is the TV show "Ice Road Truckers" so addictive?

The only thing I manage to catch on television the first time it airs is usually an NFL football game or a college basketball game. I work crazy hours and usually get home late in the evening so most weekly TV shows are already off. So there are no shows that I watch from week to week.

Since I am gone from home way more than I am at home, I also do not have satellite or cable TV because it would just be a waste of money.

I just watch local television and rent a few movies from Redbox. I know, that's pretty lame in today's world of a bazillion different networks not to mention all the streaming opportunities online.

So the other night I was on WZZM-13's digital channel Quest which is 13.4 and I stumbled across a show I had heard of called "Ice Road Truckers". This is a show that originates on the History Channel network so I had never seen it since I don't have satellite TV.

From hearing of the show, I wondered why people would want to watch someone drive a semi truck in bad weather. I have driven is some very bad weather while touring with a band back in the day. Places like Iowa, Minnesota and Colorado is where I have some of my worst memories of being the wheel or a passenger in a vehicle driving in terrible weather. Basically, the show sounded stupid to me.

I happened to be turning the channels the other day for a second and "Ice Road Truckers" was on and for some reason I watch for a few minutes. Next thing you know its three hours later.

The show has a bunch of different drivers hauling loads in the worst weather possible in Alaska where on some runs they go across frozen rivers or lakes not to mention the treacherous roads the state has in the winter months.

For some reason I can't stop watching the show. I know it sounds silly but I find myself routing for the drivers to make or even worse, see if the crash through the ice.

The problem with watching this show is it gets intense and so I stay up late watching because I can't fall asleep because I am so tense from watching the show. I have to change the channel in order to wind down and go to sleep.

I have often made fun of shows I have heard about like "Ice Road Truckers", "Mountain Men" and many others. I guess I better watch the shows before judging them because this "Ice Road Truckers" show is pretty good.

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