When you search something on Google, you get some suggestions as your are typing out your search.  Sometimes these suggestions are quite hilarious, sometimes they are weird, and sometimes they just make zero sense.

The website, Bazomo.com, took Google's autocomplete function and had some fun with it by typing in "Why is [State] so..." and found all of the autocompletes and ranked themy by popularity.  Only a few states had extra positive results, and of course, Michigan was one of them.  Because we are so Awesome!

google autocomplete map states infographic

Graphic from: http://bazomo.com/

The website goes on to include several other autocompletes for each state.  Here are Michigan's:

Why is Michigan so...

  • humid
  • windy
  • boring
  • sandy
  • cold this summer
  • cloudy
  • awesome
  • conservative
  • racist
  • cold
  • poor
  • cheap
  • expensive
  • flat
  • bad
  • depressing
  • lake blue
  • lake clear
  • insurance expensive
  • gas cheap

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