Over the past two summers, I've been documenting the stuff I've found in bike lanes around town. It's not good.

The Bike Lanes Were Set Aside For Cyclists, Not For Stuff You Want To Get Rid Of

When then-Mayor George Heartwell started installing bike lanes around Grand Rapids in 2010, his goal was to make our city a biking mecca, where commuting on bicycle could be safe and fun.

For the most part, it has worked, and the bike lanes around town are functional and keep many of us bike commuters safe from traffic.


I have noticed that the bike lanes have also become a dumping ground for crap. Mostly, stuff people feel the need to just fling from their cars, as if no one will notice that s*** is piling up where bicycles dare to roll.

Here's a photo essay of crap I've documented in the bike lanes.

Stuff I've Found In The Bike Lanes

The things we have to deal with while riding in Grand Rapids great bike lanes


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