A video which shows a unique way of making a tree suspended hammock is not making outdoor enthusiasts very happy.

The Video Shows An Attractive Young Woman Setting Up Camp

The woman begins winding plastic wrap around a set of four trees, and the first question that pops into your head is 'what is she building?'

As the video continues, it's clear she is using the massive amount of wrap to build a plastic hammock tent in the trees, which seems both uncomfortable and a tremendous waste of resources, and that's where traditional outdoor folks got more than a little perplexed.

Real Campers Weren't Amused

In the replies underneath the video that was posted to Twitter by Josh Trebach (he had nothing to do with it, more on that later), people were wondering how this even made the slightest bit of common sense (which the internet seems to lack more and more of each day).

THEEmj wrote:

Girl, invest in a f***ing tent. They go up in minutes, fit in a backpack, and are reusable

While XeniaMD responded:

I hope she sweats like hell I’m thinking about every little piece of plastic I’m using or not and she wastes horrible masses IN THE FORREST! What the hell is wrong with this stupid girl who wants to see her children grow in which future???

Nikdo thought like I did.

So this reminds me of a long-nagging question. Other than “pointless AF,” has anyone coined a term for videos that claim to be a life hack but are just stupid, too much work, bad for you, etc.? I want to know! I love neologisms. We need a word for these kinds of things. Thank you

And smilingllama said what we were ALL thinking:

Imagine that thing closes in on you while you're sleeping at night and you slowly run out of air and it's over before morning

WeeShireFold did the math:

Doing a little math here. One roll of plastic is 5 lbs, measures 4.5x4.5x17.5, & costs $20. So 10 rolls would weigh 50 lbs, fill a 9x17.5x22 space, and would cost $200. OR you could buy a REUASABLE hammock tent for under $100 that weighs <4 lbs, & can be packed into a small bag

And this guy wanted a different ending to the video:

The video is the product of an internet driven by engagement rather than rational thought. Content providers, reminiscent of old school radio shock jocks of the late '80s, need to get more and more outlandish to drive up hits. I know because I have been both. The crazier the idea, the more engagement, and the more money for whoever posted it.

It's weird, it's crazy and it will only get worse before it gets better, but keep this is mind: Howard Stern is now fairly tame compared to his 1985 show, so it will level off.

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