This dash cam video from a semi-truck driver rambling down I-96 in Grand Rapids on Wednesday (you know, that day where it rained buckets) leaves one wondering why we get mad about silly traffic slights.

This is road rage without a point, by someone who likes to stare death in the face.

Caution, citizens, the modern dash cam will reveal you to be the jerk you are when driving around town.

In a video posted to You Tube this week, we see a semi approaching the 131 exchange on I-96 Wednesday. He can't slide over to let a SUV merge from an exit, so the angry SUV driver pulls in front of him and slams on the brakes to retaliate (for nothing, really).

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

WARNING! The truck driver yells exactly what we all were thinking when the action in question occurs. It is NOT a nice name. It rhymes with 'Glass Bowl!'

From's Grand Rapids sub-reddit came this comment:

When you merge onto a highway, YOU are merging. It is YOUR responsibility to slow down or speed up to merge into traffic and you can't assume anyone, especially a semi-truck will make room for you. I'm not an angry person, but I get furious when people are reckless or idiotic drivers because it is dangerous. Follow the rules, it's that simple.



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