I like to write and comment on things I find funny or interesting or what piques my interest. Or topics I might not be able to comment on on the radio, I get a chance to talk about here.

Now it's Friday night, and admittedly, there's not a ton of things going on in the world. Most people are relaxing or out with friends enjoying a nightcap or 11, or just sleeping. Or in bed doing things people do in bed. So I will, on occasion, scour the interwebs looking for things I might have an opinion on to write about. Sometimes I start at Yahoo.

You know, Yahoo. Trusted (as much as a big conglomerate website can be trusted) old reliable Yahoo. Yahoo is like the old TV news or full service radio station. You know, news, sports, weather, information all wrapped up in a neat package. So I go to look at Yahoo to find an interesting topic. And what do I find?

A whole lot of stories that start with "ICYMI". Which stands for In Case You Missed It. So it was story after story about...stuff that happened all week long. Repeats. Re hashes. Stories about Joan Rivers, and baseball games from 3 days ago, and the cast of the "Breakfast Club"--what are they doing now? Throw in an article about Olive Garden and their "Never Ending Pasta Card" snafu, And I'm looking at the calender. It is Tuesday?

Yahoo on Friday Nights has become the equivalent of Saturday Night TV. Where shows from the week and retreads are put out to die. Or run and have few people watch. I can't believe that there's so little going on ALL OVER THE WORLD that a few new stories from England or Japan can't make it on to the front page.

By the way, in case you missed it, The Eagles played in Grand Rapids Monday night. Good Times, Good times.

Creatas Images/ThinkStock
Creatas Images/ThinkStock

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