A State Trooper caught a high flying speeder fail in their attempt to get through the Ford Freeway squeeze as quickly as possible.

Michigan State Police Trooper Caught The Accident On His Dashcam

As if you didn't already know, it's not a good idea to hit a construction zone at a high rate of speed, even if workers aren't present.

Sgt. Aaron McCormick out of the MSP Wayland post was on duty early Sunday, July 17 when he saw the vehicle going westbound on the Ford entering the one lane squeeze near 32nd Street in Georgetown Township heading toward Hudsonville.

The car was going 89 mph, as measured by McCormick going into the construction zone, where the speed limit is 60 mph. The result was a forward flip by the vehicle, which left the driver bruised, and shaken with just minor injuries, but fortunately, still alive.

The tweet went on to offer a reminder to all reading:

The driver unfortunately lost control & crashed. Perfect example of what could happen if you decide to go 89mph in a 60mph construction zone. This individual survived w/minor injuries. Don't be next, it could be fatal. Reminder: #slowdown in construction.

While the commenters to the Twitter post seemed to be impressed by the driver's jumping ability, keep in mind, his car is now totaled, so there's one thing that was never shown on The Dukes of Hazzard.

The Michigan State Police are using this opportunity to remind drivers that construction zone seed limits are there for a reason, and you should slow down, or face yourself having to explain to your insurance company why you need a new car, let alone a new life.


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