Whether you love American or Lafayette Coney better, we know one thing for sure - Detroiters know good Coney dogs. Turns out, at least one of Hillary Clinton's aides knows it, as well.

Clinton's spokesman, Nick Merrill, is a fan of the Lafayette variety. How do we know? He sent an email to campaign chairman Joe Podesta, and that email was one of many released Friday by WikiLeaks.

The Detroit News reports that on a campaign stop in Detroit back in March Merrill wrote,

On a personal note, I just had two Coney Island hot dogs at the famous Lafayette Coney Island next to the hotel. I highly recommend. Bring your defibrillator, or ask to borrow one from USSS (United States Secret Service).

Detroit Coneys aren't your average chili dog (as we Michiganders know). The dogs feature hot dogs with beanless chili, onions, and mustard (you do NOT put ketchup on a Coney.)

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