You couldn't write a story this crazy! It's always funny how real life turns out more bizarre than any fiction you could write.

It all started out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Lakeview, MI. Just after 1:30 pm the Michigan State Police responded to a report of a Winnebago driving "erratically" in the area of M-91 and M-46. The troopers watched as the vehicle passed at least nine vehicles on the right and run through a red light.

The State Police then tried to pull over the vehicle without any success. The RV continued west on M-46, driving slower than the speed limit. Wondering if maybe the driver didn't see the police car behind them, the troopers passed the Winnebago and actually made eye contact with what was described as an "elderly female driver". The driver continued to ignore the directions to pull over. The driver continued on with the State Police following behind.

Eventually making their way to M-82 and Amy School Road, the troopers deployed some stop sticks in hopes of puncturing a tire or two and stopping the RV. When the driver realized what was about to happened, she crossed all lanes of traffic and almost hit the trooper's patrol car. The stop sticks did end up puncturing the front driver's side tire.

So this would be over soon right? Guess again...

The driver in the RV now drove with a flat tire onto southbound US-131 and drove at posted or just below posted speeds. After driving about 4 miles, the RV got off the highway at the next exit, Cannonsville Road. As the driver of the RV tried to head west on Cannonsville Road, the State Police got in front of the Winnebago, only to be almost rear-ended by the driver. The RV's driver now turned around and drove their vehicle back onto US-131, but this time driving south in the northbound lanes! Traffic was already backed up on northbound US-131 due to an earlier vehicle fire, but the RV continued to make it's way south, heading the wrong direction in the northbound lanes. During this time the RV collided with at leave four vehicles.

In a few miles, the driver of the RV used one of those "authorized vehicle only" cross-overs and drove back into the southbound lanes to exit at the Cedar Springs exit. As the RV driver turned left to head east on 17 Mile Road, state troopers performed a pit maneuver to finally stop the RV's wild ride.

Not one, but two female occupants in the RV were arrested. According to a report from the Michigan State Police, several large electronic items were found in the RV. It is believed these items were stolen from the Mount Pleasant Walmart.

There's never a dull moment in Michigan on the weekend!

During the chase, a Deputy from the Kent Count Sheriff's Department was injured. The deputy was taken to the hospital for back and neck pain. This deputy is well known for her community service in the Cedar Springs area. Residents are being asked to send get well cards. They can be dropped off or sent to her at: Sgt. Tony c/o Cedar Springs City Hall (where she is based out of), 66 S. Main Street, Cedar Springs, MI 49319.


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