Ask any fan to describe the Detroit Lions' season and you'll hear the same few words: disappointed, embarrassing, and of course, sad.

There is some good news for fans though. Mathematically, the Lions aren't out of the playoffs yet. Yes, believe it or not, there is a near-impossible way for them to make it.

Alright, so that is almost certainly not going to happen. Forget the playoffs, first and foremost, the Lions and the fans are looking for a win. Just one. With only six games left, there are not a lot of opportunities. Which begs the question, what are the chances of that happening?

What are the odds that the Lions will win at least one game this season?

Let's start with this weekend. The Lions face the Vikings this Sunday. The last time these two met, it took a last-second field goal for the Vikings to win thanks to a monstrous Lions comeback. The Lions did not play horrible that game. Other than the 66-yard field goal against the Ravens, it was probably the closest they came to a win. This time it is at home, which generally gives an advantage (even to the Lions).

Despite being a 7.5 underdog, this is more than likely one of the best chances for the Lions to get a win. Remember stats and lines are one thing, but at the end of the day it's still the NFL. It's all played on the field, and anything can happen on any given Sunday.

What if they don't beat the Vikings? Do they still have a chance to pick up a win?

After the Vikings, it doesn't get any easier. The next two games include a trip to Denver and a game at home against the Cardinals.

Denver is already an 8 point favorite. Their defense is ranked 26th overall but they have been playing better of late. They just flustered the high-power Chargers last week. Again any given Sunday, but it's a tough place to play, let alone win.

Next is the Arizona Cardinals. There isn't much to say here. No one has slowed them down yet, so do we think the Lions can?

If they still haven't won at this point, there are three games left for them to do it.

To close out the season, the Lions have the Falcons, Seahawks, and Packers. ESPN gives the Lions low chances to win those games. The matchup predictions for the Lions winning are 36% 21% and 21% respectively. The good news is that the Falcons and Seahawks have been very suspect all year, and maybe in week 18 the Packers will have locked home-field advantage and have nothing to play for.

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All of these stats and projections add up to the answer on whether or not the Lions will win even one game this season. In short, it's not impossible, but based on what we have seen, they probably won't.

For one last time, it is football anything can happen. The Lions have had good performances in some of their losses and in others have looked abysmal.

Win or lose, fans should look for more wins in year two of Dan Campbell...or year one of a new guy if Campbell doesn't improve.

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