For the first time since the accident that tragically killed a camera assistant on the location of the shooting of the Gregg Allman biopic, actor William Hurt, who is playing the musician, has written about his experiences that day.

According to an e-mail to a friend obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Hurt was twice told by the producers that another train wasn't expected to pass that day, but "if by some impossible chance another train came," they had 60 seconds to clear the set.

He wrote, "I said, '60 seconds is not enough time to get us off this bridge.' There was a communal pause. No one backed me up. Then, we ..... Just went ahead. I took off my shoes, got on the heavy, metal hospital bed and began preparing. Then the train came. We didn't have sixty seconds. We had less than thirty."

Last month, Sarah Jones was killed by a train as it crossed the Doctortown Railroad Trestle in Wayne County, GA where the crew of 'Midnight Rider' were filming a dream sequence. Production on the movie was immediately halted, and a federal investigation is going on to determine whether charges should be filed against the production company, Unclaimed Freight.

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