Much has been written about pairing wines with whatever you are serving up for dinner, or whether a stout or an IPA would best accompany that stew on your stove.

But when it comes to alcoholic beverage choices for American adults, how much does when factor into the type of drink one chooses?

Apparently, quite a bit, according to a recent Harris Poll.

Steven Depolo
Steven Depolo

For Christmas, visions of cabernet, chardonnay or other grapes are dancing in the heads of folks when it comes to alcoholic beverages with table wines being the top choice.

The runner-up is beer, which is the top choice otherwise the rest of the year. Those were the findings in a Harris Poll of 1,951 adults age 21 years old and older (with 1,176 of them drinking alcohol several times a year), according to an online survey from Aug. 20 to 22 -- just before Labor Day.

While beer follows wine as the second choice for Christmas, among women who are 65 years old older, liquor, spirits, or cocktails come in as the second choice to sip around the Christmas tree and at holiday parties.

For New Year's Eve, it's apparently sparkling wine and champagne that manages to pour into the top spot, with Liquor, spirits and cocktails being the second choice overall.

Looking ahead, for Super Bowl Sunday, beer wins for both men and women, with liquor, spirits and cocktails runner-up and malt beverages No. 3. Meanwhile, for Valentine's Day, wine is for lovers since it comes back to take the No. 1 spot.

For other holidays:
-- St. Patrick's Day: Beer.
-- Cinco de Mayo: Beer.
-- Easter: Wine.
-- Mother's Day: Wine.
-- Memorial Day weekend: Beer.
-- Fourth of July weekend: Beer.
-- Labor Day weekend: Beer.

As for grilling season and summer overall, well, beer.

Back to the holidays, No. 3 is liquor, spirits and cocktails; malt beverages are No. 4; and hard ciders are No. 5.

So, cheers, from Beer City USA, regardless of what you're having. For me, it's probably gonna be Jameson.

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