This week I'm going to let you in on a secret and tell you about a wine that tastes as good as Prisoner Wine by Orin Swift in the picture, but costs over 50% to 60% less. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Prisoner which is a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Syrah.  But now the price per bottle is approaching almost $40 dollars per bottle. I really loved it when it was under $20 a bottle.

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First let me tell you about Prisoner Wine by Orin Swift. First of all, you'll never meet Orin Swift. That is a made up name by Dave Phinney who borrowed his Dad's middle name of Orin and his Mom's maiden name to come up with Orin Swift in the late 90's. Bummer because Orin Swift is such a cool name - who wouldn't want to meet him. So it is actually Dave Phinney who started Orin Swift Wines. Note: Prisoner wines has now been sold to Constellation Brands and has several wines.

OK if you're like me you love Prisoner, but the price has gotten a little too steep for Wine Weds and Pizza. So here's the great news - Dave Phinney has started a new winery called "LOCATIONS" and he making wine that reminds me of Prisoner from several regions around the country including the USA, France, Spain and Italy.

What you'll immediately notice is the unique labels on LOCATIONS wine. It looks exactly like a sticker representing a country "F" = France and see if you can figure out "E"? Well that would be for Spain as the country is really Espana.

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Other LOCATIONS wines include "I" = Italy, "NZ" = New Zealand, "CA" = California, "OR" = Oregon, "WA" = Washington State and "TX" = Texas yes they make wines in Texas the Monks planted grapes there on there travels west, before getting to California.

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What you'll really like about all of the LOCATIONS wines are first the flavor. All of them are red blends, with "NZ" being the only white blend. And secondly the price, I've seen this on sale for around $15 that's almost -60% cheaper than Prisoner.

So if you like Prisoner and want to have a similar taste - here are my recommendations in order France, Italy, Spain, California, Washington and I haven't had the "NZ" or "TX" blends yet.

OK the secrets out - get them before the price goes up.

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