Three people, from North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico won the 564 million dollar Powerball jackpot last night. Life changing money. Or just life changing. For the worse?

Many lottery winners lay low for a bit before claiming their big prize. And while Id like to win some dough as much as anyone, some former winners say it's not all sunshine, roses and fancy cars.

"Despite this morning’s pang of lottery jealousy across the country, some observers call lottery winners "cursed."

Take Jack Whitaker, winner of a $315-million Powerball jackpot in 2002, who said he wishes he had never won after his teenage granddaughter became addicted to drugs and then was found dead in 2007 of what authorities ruled an overdose. His daughter died in 2009 in another apparent overdose.

"Since I won the lottery, I think there is no control for greed," he told ABC News' "20/20" in 2007. "I think if you have something, there's always someone else that wants it. I wish I'd torn that ticket up."

Hard to argue with that story. But Id still like to take my chances with the cash. If you have to go down, id rather do it in a Lamborghini.

Steve Frost/Oksana Kostyushko
Steve Frost/Oksana Kostyushko

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