Predicting the weather is difficult.  Think about it...  What other job allows for someone to be wrong half the time and not get fired?  And things get even more difficult when predicting weather in Michigan.  Those lakes cause for some weird things to happen.

You can note the difficulty that I've had in reporting weather conditions by checking a blog I wrote a few days ago.  That blog states that we probably won't see any snow until at least December 15th.  But, now that it's two days later, we are expected to see snow as early as December 6th, and it could be a lot!

The temperatures for the beginning of December are still supposed to be warmer than average, but around December 6th, a large cold front is expected to move into the region.

Temperature Outlook December 4th - 8th

When the warmer weather that we are experiencing moves out of the Great Lakes Region and the colder air moves in, it could cause for large amounts of lake effect snow.  Or, it could do absolutely nothing, because (as I said earlier) it's really hard to predict the weather.

Temperature Outlook December 6th - 12th

But, Bill Steffen seems to think that we will have a good chance for lake effect snow.  And Bill has always seemed like a trustworthy person, so I say that we will see lake effect snow!  He isn't like those other meteorologists who just report the weather without and explanation.  This guy writes an entire blog getting into the nitty gritty of the cold front and makes his predictions based on all sorts of science and stuff.