Grand Rapids city officials are reminding residents once again to watch what they're flushing down the toilet.

Gross, not literally. But anything other than toilet paper is continuing to be an issue in the city's sewer system. No wipes of any kind should be flushed down the toilet... even those that say 'flushable' on them. Not only is it wet wipes that people are flushing but cleaning wipes as well.

In a news release from the city, those wipes

...don’t always break down in the sewer system and can cause sewage backups and costly cleanups. They also have negative environmental and public health consequences.

Wipes don't break down like toilet paper therefore causing all the sewage problems. In turn, this can have a negative affect on people's health -- the last thing we need when we're all trying to avoid getting sick.

Other things that should not be flushed: diapers, paper towel, tissue, feminine products, grease, and PPE's.

Say it with me... NO WIPES IN THE PIPES!

Anything other than toilet paper, should just be thrown away. Get more tips here.

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