The rapper is now a marijuana farmer with a new Indica strain coming out.

The Word Is Wiz Will Be At Gage Cannabis Saturday

The Pittsburgh based rapper, best known for his 2010 hit "Black and Yellow", will be at the Grand Rapids Gage location introducing the commercial version of his strain "Khalifa Kush". Hidden in the comments of this Instagram post by Gage is the time of the appearance, which is 1:30pm Saturday, June 25. Or is it?

Outside of that one post, details of Wiz' drop by at Gage are vague, so keep that in mind. I placed a call to Gage, and the person who answered (she was immensely busy) confirmed his appearance, but gave the wide window of 11:00a until 3pm. That's a four hour window you can plan for, so I guess Khalifa is kind of like the cable company in that regard.

There will be a DJ playing that whole time, and Gage has a great selection of products, so it may not be terribly hard to occupy yourself in that time frame.

Gage Cannabis is located just off the East Beltline at 3075 Peregrine Dr NE, kind of nestled behind Noodles and Company.

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Khalifa Dominated Rap And Pop Charts The First Five Years Of The '10s

Khalifa emerged on the scene after his mixtapes were circulated around the rap community for years to huge positive response. "Black and Yellow", his first single for Atlantic Records went to the top of the charts in 2010, and that was followed by four other top ten singles over the next five years, culminating with his collaboration with Charlie Puth, "See You Again", from the "Furious 7" soundtrack which went to number one. His latest album "Full Court Press" came out in April of this year.

Wiz Diversified Into Cannabis Farming In 2014

Khalifa went into the cannabis cultivation business in 2014, when he released his Khalifa Kush brand to medical dispensaries mainly in the Southwestern US. The strain was cultivated for his personal use before going public.

He also released a video game that year for smartphone apps called "Weed Farm", which allowed gamers to raise their own strains, while dealing with the obstacles in the weed growing world.

According To Leafly, The Strain Is Similar To OG Kush

According to Forbes, the latest release of Khalifa Kush has been rolling out to states with legal recreational weed including Michigan, Florida and California. He told Forbes, that the strain is a good daytime high.

I like the Khalifa Kush effects, I can’t have anything that’s going make me too sleepy, or make me not want to work. KK not only takes my mind away from thinking too much or not thinking enough, but you know, I can continue to smoke it without passing out or getting too tired.

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The weed review site Leafly agrees, calling it a good strain to encourage creativity:

The effects and aromas of Khalifa Kush are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.

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