Western Michigan's Broncos rallied from 10 points down with less than three minutes left, thanks to an onside kick and the old fake spike play.

"Did you hear whistle? I thought I heard a whistle." -- WMU announcer after being faked out himself on the final touchdown which capped a miracle rally for the Broncos at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo Wednesday night.

Western stunned Toledo using the "fake spike" play which Dan Marino first used for the Miami Dolphins back in the '80s.

It went down like this:

WMU scored with 46 seconds left to pull within four points, and successfully picked up an onside kick to get the ball back.

After completing a pass to get to the Toledo nine yard line with 20 seconds remaining and no time outs, they needed to figure out what to do. Football protocol at that point usually means Western would line up quickly and have quarterback Kaleb Eleby spike the ball to stop the clock, setting up a couple of shots at the end zone.

But instead Eleby made it look like he was spiking the ball, but didn't, instead pulling up and tossing it to wide receiver Jaylen Hall, who was WIDE OPEN.

Somewhere Dan Marino is smiling. But to be fair, I think I did hear a whistle.

The annual battle for the Victory Cannon between Central and Western will be next Wednesday in Mount Pleasant. Central also remained undefeated, pummeling Northern Illinois 40-10 in other MACtion last night.

The MAC may not be a Power Five Conference, but they are damn entertaining.

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