Vaccination efforts are continuing throughout Michigan and some colleges and university's will require them of students for attendance. Western Michigan University won't be one of them.

Paula Davis, a WMU spokesperson told WWMT TV,

"We've held clinics on our campus and have worked with the county health department to get members of our community vaccinated. We understand that a few other institutions have announced plans to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for a subset of their students in the fall. We don’t have plans to do so right now, but we continue to monitor what’s an evolving situation as it relates to the incidence of COVID-19 and the pace of vaccination across the state."

TSM/ Nathan Adams
TSM/ Nathan Adams

Students and staff are asked to complete daily health screenings and masks are mandatory on campus. WMU is also reporting they will have in-person classes in the fall. They also say about 75% of classes will be in-person with near-normal operations.

For COVID-19 testing through WMU, click here.

The Spring semester ends on April 30. Commencement is scheduled for May 1 and Fall 2021 classes begin on August 30.

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